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Arthritis Treatment in Mandeville, LA

From Dr. Scott Oliphant

Are you suffering from arthritis pain? Dr. Scott Oliphant offers chiropractic treatment for arthritis in Mandeville, Louisiana.

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Arthritis Treatment

The Arthritis Foundation says that arthritis is a common condition, but not one that is well understood. It is, in fact, not just one type of disease but is instead an umbrella term that is used to describe more than 100 types of conditions affecting the joints.

A leading cause of disability, arthritis is characterized by swelling, stiffness, pain and decreased range of motion in the joints. It strikes often in the hands, knees, hips and neck, but may even impact organs like the skin, kidneys, eyes and more.

When it affects the joints, it causes the cartilage; the cushioning surfaces at the ends of bones, to wear away. This leads to strain in the joints and eventually the muscles supporting them.

As these changes occur, you unknowingly adjust our own patterns of movement to avoid pain or strain, and that leads to further complications.

Joint Dysfunction, Abnormal Movement and Chiropractic Treatment

The degenerative nature of arthritis may cause you to experience pain, but it will definitely cause you to alter the way you use the affected joints. This usually reduces their function and impairs movement in the limb or throughout the body.

As they are affected by arthritis, stiffen, and alter their natural motion, joint dysfunction occurs. This leads to pain, muscle stiffness, degeneration of the cartilage and compensatory movement that puts undue stresses on other parts of the body.

This joint dysfunction typically affects the spine and extremities, leading to muscle imbalance, unhealthy posture, muscle tightness, and more.
We assess your joint movements and determine how they may be affected by arthritis.

If abnormal movement is a problem, we can restore it through chiropractic joint adjustments and muscle relaxation therapy combined with home exercises and ongoing treatment.

This is why we emphasize joint function in our treatments, working to restore and maintain function by focusing on movement and strengthening muscles essential to the stability and support of joints.

We also review your entire body and its functions to gauge if other issues are impacting the area affected by arthritis.

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