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Carpal Tunnel Treatment in Mandeville, LA

From Dr. Scott Oliphant

Are you suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome? Dr. Scott Oliphant offers 5 star rated chiropractic treatment for carpal tunnel in Mandeville, Louisiana.

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Do You Have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

We all understand that repeated wear and tear on anything can cause damage, and that concept is precisely how carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) works.

It is officially called a repetitive stress injury and is characterized by a burning or tingling sensation in the palm or thumb, and often accompanied by a sense of weakness in the fingers or hand.

It is a progressive condition, typically, and some go from discomfort in the hand to a loss of grip or an inability to perform daily tasks.

It happens when you repeat the same movements in the hand (such as working an assembly line or doing a lot of typing), and this repeated movement leads to compression of the median nerve.

This is a nerve that resides in the carpal tunnel, which is a tunnel built of nerves, tendons, blood vessels, ligaments and bones. When the nerve is compressed, it creates that numbness or pain, and it usually radiates into the arm, worsening over time and leading to joint dysfunction.

Even worse is that the nerve actually begins in the fingertips and travels all of the way up to the neck and spinal cord where it can impede movement or cause joint dysfunction.

CTS, Joint Dysfunction and Chiropractic

The development of carpal tunnel syndrome can cause you to begin moving your limbs and joints in an alternative manner.

That is why we treat patients with CTS, or symptoms and problems resulting from it with a comprehensive exam of the hands, arms, shoulders and the neck.

The goal is to be sure that the problems are CTS related, and if not, to then treat with the appropriate chiropractic care.

Typically spinal health is examined and our goal is to be sure that the muscles and joints that follow the path of the nerve are unobstructed and functioning normally.

A variety of treatments will also reduce pain and nerve irritation as well as improving joint mobility without resorting to surgical intervention.

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