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Treatment for Disc Problems in Mandeville, LA

From Dr. Scott Oliphant

Are you suffering from disc problems and continual pain? Dr. Scott Oliphant offers 5 star rated treatment for disc problems in Mandeville, Louisiana.

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Do You Actually Have Disc Problems?

A lot of people with back or neck pain are told there is a problem with the disc, and yet many are not quite sure just what a disc is or why it has problems.

To begin with, discs are simply pads of cartilage between the bones in your spine. They are soft and yet also fibrous and they help to absorb shock along the spine, but also connect the bones and keep them spaced properly.

The discs of the spine are what allow you to have normal and painless movement, including twisting, turning, bending and all the rest.

Although they are designed to support a supple spine and easy movement, they are not impervious to harm or damage.

In fact, there is very limited blood delivery to the discs, and they instead rely on fluids common to bodily joints for nutrition and waste removal. This delivery and elimination is achieved through movement, which acts a bit like compression pumping and keeps the discs healthy.

Disc Health Is Vital

When any of the joints along the spine are impeded and cannot move properly, the discs suffer from a lack of nutrition and waste elimination. This causes the joint to begin to degrade, and it may even stiffen crack and cause problems with the bones in the spine.

In fact, it is not unusual for “back problems” to begin with trauma to the discs, and though many think that discs slip, in reality they will herniate, bulge or even rupture. This results in new pressure along that area of the spine (as well as the nerves surrounding it), and as you might imagine, this creates mobility and movement issues, too.

The good news is that even with the worst disc problems chiropractic care can help. Our goal is to use the most conservative treatment possible to help patients restore spinal health, reduce pain and begin moving comfortably.