Chiropractic Care; The BEST Solution for Your IT Band Syndrome?

//Chiropractic Care; The BEST Solution for Your IT Band Syndrome?

When you think “knee pain” which moving parts do you envision? Bones? Cartilage? Tendons? How about pelvic, buttox, and thigh muscles?

It’s surprising but, the excruciating pain associated with ITBS (Iliotibial Band Syndrome) is caused by a thickening of the fasciae latae, or IT Band. This outer casing of muscle that extends along the outer thigh, from the top of the hip to the outside of the knee is vital to movement, whether it be day-to-day or active.

Because this syndrome directly affects the muscles it responds rather well to chiropractic care.  When diagnosed and treated in the early stages chiropractic treatment can reduce the chances of ITBS becoming a chronic condition.


How do I know if my knee pain is actually IT Band Syndrome?

ITBS is often provoked by over stimulation such as a sudden increase in difficulty or amount of training a person partakes in. While lateral or, outer, knee pain is the primary diagnostic symptom used to identify ITBS by chiropractors, other symptoms may also be associated with the syndrome such as:

  • Pain that is exacerbated by running, specifically on an incline
  • Zero to little pain until climbing a hill or stairs
  • A clicking or snapping of the hip
  • Intense and debilitating pain


The BEST solution for easing your ITBS pain

Although ITBS is a muscle-centric issue, it is unlikely you will find much relief through the implementation of stretching, ice, or heat. Getting ahead of the problem and identifying it early on is your best bet but what if you’re just reading this and have been experiencing pain for weeks, months, or years?

That’s where I come in. With an assessment of the pelvis I can determine what the underlying problem is. If it is in fact a pelvic issue, a choice few chiropractic adjustments paired with spinal realignment will have that your body feeling like the well oiled machine it is in no time!

If you’re experiencing knee pain and after reading this, believe it might be ITBS please don’t hesitate to contact my office to schedule a consultation today. Nip it in the bud!

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