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Treatment for Shoulder & Knee Pain in Mandeville, LA

From Dr. Scott Oliphant

Are your shoulders or knees always hurting or did you recently injure them in an accident? Dr. Scott Oliphant offers 5 star rated treatment for shoulder & knee pain in Mandeville, Louisiana.

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Chiropractic Care for Shoulder and Knee Pain

Did you know that even a slight misalignment in your spine may cause back and neck pain, but that the discomfort or limited range of motion you experience will also trigger other issues?

For example, when you have severe lower back pain you may change how you sit, walk and move. This can lead to problems with the hips, legs, knees and feet.

The same can be said of the shoulders and arms, which you may start to use or move differently if you are experiencing problems in the back or neck.

The good news is that chiropractic care can often identify the sources of the problems and help with the subsequent shoulder or knee pain that results.

Getting Relief

The spine may suffer subluxation or misalignment for many reasons, and when that happens it causes that chain reaction of events that could lead to shoulder and knee pain. That means that the first step in overcoming such issues is to have a full chiropractic examination of the spine.

Discovering such problems as disc issues, degenerative conditions, problems with muscles or tendons, and any other potential concerns helps to guide your treatment towards the most effective remedies.

However, it is also important to remember that modern lifestyles may also pose a risk to spinal health. More so than other generations, our spends a great deal of time seated, and not always in the best positions for optimal posture and spinal health. We may not get enough stretching or strengthening exercise, either, and all of these things can lead to spinal problems, as well.

We look for the minor to major factors in your spinal alignment and then offer chiropractic treatments that can include adjustments, manipulations, massage and other options that get the spine rebalanced and the limbs back to a more stable condition.